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Welcome to the Burch University's Faculty of Education and Humanities website! The staff at Faculty of Education and Humanities is committed to teaching education in a more modern, nontraditional way. The goal of our Program is to provide learning environments that are conducive to effective knowledge acquisition and the development of educational skills. 
You will be able to choose between Departments in English Language and Literature and Oriental Philology. While there are some traditional lectures and laboratory sessions, much of the preclinical education involves small group problem-based learning. Therefore, we expect students to be solid, self-directed learners and strong collaborators.
With ever-advancing technology, greater diversity in classrooms, and the ongoing desire to close achievement gaps and meet the needs of all students, efforts to examine what we do are underway to assure that adjustments are made for the new realities our graduates will face. It is very invigorating work.
Becoming a lecturer is no small undertaking. The education program is rigorous, it is demanding and when you tack on post-graduate education, it is a long haul. There also are huge societal expectations and responsibilities when you graduate. Nevertheless, it is still a rewarding profession. 
A wide range of information is provided on the website to guide you through the application process. For additional information, we suggest that you make a point of attending one of our information sessions.
Best of luck and hope to see you onboard!

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